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Matteo De Gregori, born in 1991, first began expressing his artistic talent through freehand drawing, later branching out into various fields:

from graphic art to live visual and video mapping, from origami to mask and costume making, often from recycled materials, focusing on zombies and robots.


Self-taught from books and video tutorials, between 2011 and 2013 he taught origami courses and workshops in schools, at cultural associations and community centres, creating his Origamanza varia blog online.

His origami art installations has been displayed in various group and solo art exhibits, along with his first masks.


Organizing events with the Monkeys United group, he gained experience

as a VJ, exploiting the Isadora software and, above all, as a performer, donning various costumes to interact with the audience. In order to create interactive multimedia installations for those events he also learned the basic programming for Arduino, then used in his latest masks too.


Graduating with a degree in Cinema and Visual Arts from Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo at the Università degli Studi ROMA TRE in Rome, he then attended to the Make-up Fx and Prosthetic Creation course at the Gorton Studio in England, where he familiarized with mostly all the materials and the techniques in the field.

For the past 4 years Matteo has been working for Makinarium, the integrated special effects workshop inside Cinecittà Studios in Rome. Started there as an intern, he has worked as a prop maker, SFX producer and more recently 3D Printing supervisor and Animatronics coordinator. Matteo has been on several film sets as sfx technician, animatronics puppeteer and animatronic suit performer. He is also a live visual performer, an origami artist and teacher.

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